GL CASES Profile:

We, GL CASE IND. CO. are the professional manufactory of Musical Instrument Cases, and we were established in 1973, our head office is in Taiwan (Hou-Li). We always concentrate our attention on the technology development and the quality promotion, so our products are all satisfied to the market of both middle and high classes. Depending on our persistence in good quality and good service, our sales grows up continuously along with the market development in Taiwan.

We have the experience more than 30 years and have manufactured millions cases, we design and manufacture novel design, strong, functional and perfect protection musical instrument cases, which get good evaluation and admiration form the customers in the world. We do not only manufacture the prototype product but also accept the OEM or ODM project as per the customer's requirement. Having good production management and order administration to submit the quickest delivery and the best quality are our main advantage.

Management Ideal:
1. Quality Control: fine material, structure and quality
2. Outstanding Protection: appropriate internal design offers the best protection for musical instrument
3. Sufficient Stock: assist customers to reduce reserve and decrease lead-time
4. Research and Development: invest yearly turnover 5~10% for product research and development

Service Project:
1. Woodwind instrument cases manufacture
2.Brass wind instrument cases manufacture
3.String instrument cases manufacture
4. Various types of suitcases manufacture
5. Musical instrument accessories manufacture
6. Customer special case development